Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Read Aquinas: Thomism for all...

"...the students should learn to examine more deeply, with the help of speculation and with St. Thomas as teacher, all aspects of the mysteries, and to perceive their interconnection."

-Optatam Totius (Decree on the Training of Priests) of Vatican Council II, 1965.

"Emulation in seeking and propagating the truth is not suppressed, but is rather stimulated and given its true direction by commending the teaching of St. Thomas."

-Pius XII, Address to Seminarians, 1939.

"Let (teachers) listen with respect to the Doctors of the Church, among whom St. Thomas Aquinas holds a principal place. For so great is the power of the angelic Doctor's genius, so sincere his love of truth, and so great his wisdom in investigating the deepest truths, illustrating them, and linking them together with a most fitting bond of unity, that his teaching is a most efficacious instrument not only for safeguarding the foundations of the faith, but also in gaining the fruits of healthy progress with profit and security."

-Paul VI, Address to Pontifical Gregorian University, 1964.

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