Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The sun never sets on the British Empire: cheers...

Liberals and others maintain that Latin or good liturgy is "too difficult" for us boor peasants to learn. But the Pope knows better and so does the Holy Ghost, too.

With the lovely summer breeze of Latinum we had a little celebration on the balcony in honor of the Solemn Pontifical Mass just sung in London by our favorite Columbian prelate from the Roman Curia. Such history in the making every day of the year.

To celebrate, booze and tobacco were on the table. With an old Vauen pipe purchased in Bonn where Fr. Ratzinger taught, with toasted cavendish tobacco and some real Scotch Whisky (go Scotland!) aged 18 years (it was a gift worth gold picked up at Tokyo International Airport), it was a special moment of thanksgiving and gratitude.

Brilliant to so see the scarlet cardinalatial cappa magna! Makes me think of the Rev. Mr. Harold Hughesdon of the R.A.F. who was a nine-year old altar boy in Westminster Cathedral in the twenties back in the day. Like he used to sometimes say: Per Ardua ad Astra (Through Struggles to the Stars)!
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Anonymous said...

Your wee celebration sounded wonderful. Keep smoking your pipe.

A Catholic pipe smoker