Thursday, October 09, 2008

State of Israel: Anti-Catholic screed is fair game...

Catholics are fair game, but dare anybody bash Jews, blacks or gays?
From Israel we often get this line: "Poor us, we have suffered." But why not play by the rules, friends?
When you visit Israel's holocaust memorial museum, the Yad Vashem, this is what you're greeted with as seen above. Photos are not allowed to be taken, and nobody outside is meant to see these pics. When you complain you get a smirk from the museum custodians.
So why not break the "silence"and play by the rules, Israel?
"Unfortunately, the museum has a pictorial display of Pope Pius XII alongside photos of Fascist dictators."
-The Truth Will Set You Free
by Margherita Marchione
c. 2008 by Paulist Press


Siri said...

This whole thing makes me sad and angry at the same time. Let us pray for the people of the old alliance. Ultimately, it is the truth that will set us all free. Santo subito!

Anonymous said...

Their ancestors crucified the One who came to save them. Obviously they have not changed much in the past 2000 years.

Anonymous said...

There is proof that Vatican diplomats intervened for Jewish people on the instructions from the Pope. The sign in question is simply a lie.

leo said...

What makes it even worse is, that it is pure tear-wrenching populism: "His palace", "crucifix high", "Child of a Jew"... Yeah, we get it! Evil Catholics, good Jews!

However, if you read what many Jews had to say right after WWII, it sounds quite differently. Seems like the Jews, too, fell prey to the mentality of 1968 that states it is better to accuse somebody else and assume the role of the victim than to actively try and change something for the better (see womyn, see gays, see atheists, see environmental activists).

Man, our societies will be forever messed up if we don't get rid of this effeminate whining that seems to excuse people from having to offer facts or character.

PeterHWright said...

The cruel destruction of Poles, Slavs, Jews, gypsies, the medically "unfit" and many others by the Nazis was a mad, horrible business. But no nation intervened to save them. This was not the cause of World War II. In fact, it could be argued the war caused the Nazis to increase their terrible persecution.

The Jews who were saved by Pius XII, who honoured him, are now dead. The rhetoric in the holocaust memorial museum which dishonours Pius XII dishonours their memory, too. I wonder if the perpetrators of the "black legend" have thought of that.