Sunday, October 12, 2008

October 11: B. Giovanni XXIII, Papa...

Listening to Nessum Dorma by Puccini it was lamented last night that yet another year has gone by without going to Sotto il Monte (near Bergamo) for the feast of Blessed John XXIII, celebrated on October 11. Each year we talk about it, but it's a busy time with school and work.

Please pray the trip is made next year, Deo volente. Would like to meet and photograph Archbishop Loris Capovilla, born in 1915. He was personal secretary to Pope John XXIII and is still living!

And to meet and photograph on another day Archbishop Pasquale Macchi, born in 1923. He was personal secretary to Pope Paul VI and is still living!

Holy men of old, you were there. Witnesses to history, pray for us!

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