Thursday, October 09, 2008

Cappella Papale: Papal Mass for Pius XII...

The last of the Mohicans, this is the Roman matron. One used to see these Catholic ladies always on the bus with their rosaries and in the pew veiled in quiet prayer. They defined Catholic womanhood. That is, until the hippies came. The world doesn't understand, but we do.

She came to the Vatican Basilica today and explained that in 1954 Pius XII blessed her marriage. She must have said this a hundred times. With tears in her eyes she came to honor him today. Born in 1929 she lived through the war, the liberation and the post-war era.

Modern Catholic girls are embarassed by this Vatican protocol. But doesn't she look timeless? Elegant? Catholic? Gorgeous? Thank You, Lord, for Catholic culture!


Raphaela said...

She's beautiful. There's no other word for it.

Anonymous said...

I wear my mantilla.But I am the only one in my local parish. I wish more women did. Its not easy to be glanced at because of it. I am not wearing if because of me nor the other parishners, but for our Lord.So why make a fuzz of it?