Thursday, October 16, 2008

From the tomb of Peter: the pilgrim...

You see them now and then. They walk Europe. From church to church they make their way by foot to visit each tabernacle in each corner of the continent. They adore Him.
In June of 2005 my old roommate even did it with three other friends in two groups. They were students in Rome and wanted to make an old school pilgrimage. So they dressed up in hermit habits and with no money and no credit cards set out hitchhiking to holy shrines in central Italy. They did just fine and had a blast.
Once in 2004 I took the last train out of Roma Termini one night with an Irish kid who had walked Europe as a pilgrim. He had just gotten back from the Holy Land. Even the homeless guys who live around the Vatican all knew him as he had camped with them in the past. He stayed as our guest for a couple of days and shared amazing stories of faith, conversion, healings and adventure.
It can be you, too!

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