Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Holy Writ: start to read it often...

Many who read the Writ have a favorite chapter. For some it's Genesis 1 or John 1, John 6 or even Revelation 12, etc.

To each his own. But my most favorite chapter is Luke 24. Read it with a child's heart. You might weep. I read it on the train yesterday morning and closed the book misty eyed.


Raphaela said...

Saw your post, pulled the Vulgate NT off the shelf and read the chapter. Had shivers running down my spine by about verse 12.

Anonymous said...

The Holy Writ? Isn't that a Protestant, especially Baptist/fundamentalist favorite name for the Bible?

Although I'm not an old Catholic , I don't ever remember Catholics referring to the Bible as that.

Holy Bible, yes.
Holy Writ? No.

Also until recently, Catholics always said "Going to Mass, or Holy Mass" OR "Celebrating Holy Mass" NOT "Going to Eucharist", or "Sunday Eucharist" or "Celebrating the Eucharist"

That too is Protestant terminology (Episcopalian and Lutheran especially, but also Presbyterian), which I wish would be discarded from Catholic language.