Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloweeen (All Hallows Eve)...!

Dad's favorite day of the year was always Halloween. So at least he's having fun tonight.
But for the rest of us it's not the same without the old neighborhood or the fireplace or the kids. Tonight it's pouring rain, German apple juice (gruner apfel), a Cuban MonteCristo and Nessum Dorma by Puccini.
Best Halloween I ever spent was on Michigan Ave. with drinks at the Drake Hotel in Chicago in 2003. Or the NHL game with my brother in 2001. Or the blizzard of '91.
Each year in Italy we get about one trick-or-treater. It's kind of embarassing - for us! The kids ring the bell and don't even know what to do or say. They just hold out a bag with a grim smile. Last year it was a group of primary school girls. In 2005 it was just some kid with his mom. We'll see if any kids stop by tonight.


Anonymous said...

If you read an article about halioween in this catholic magazine about culture and religion, you might find another wiev on this day, that dont support the way americans love this day.
”Fede e Cultura”, høsten 2006. Utgitt av: Associazione, Fede, Cultura e Società. San Luigi, Foggia.
Pope JP II warned us agains celebrateing days like this, and its based on heden tradition.

Anonymous said...

thats nonsense bro...Halloween means small or little hallows ie the eve of all saints and comes from Ireland. The apostle Patrick christened the old pagan festival Samhan and it became the modern all saints day-the fact that more and more aspects of the older pagan festival are now being celebrated is not withstanding.