Saturday, October 11, 2008

Borgo Pio: the best place to eat...

For different reasons everybody has their favorite place to eat on the Borgo Pio in Rome - and some people are very sensitive about this. It can be a delicate subject!

For example, you'll still hear from those who only eat at Roberto's because they think all the cardinals go there and so the waiters have all the gossip.

Old timer expats talk about how great the Borgo Pio used to be, but those days are over. So, with what we have today, my personal favorite is... the Fratelli Poggi (the brothers Poggi). Family owned. In some ways they're rude (in a Roman way), but great food and mamma in the kitched loves thank yous and service is prompt and measured. I'll even pay a little extra for the ambiente familiare!

Il Mozzicone
dei F.lli POGGI
Borgo Pio, 180


Anonymous said...

Pretty good carbonara there. And one of the few places around the area where you can consistently get liver. A friend of mine always orders the liver.

The are pretty good to me, by the way, but I have been going there since the mid-80's.

And let's not forget the good place to sit outside.


qualcosa di bello said...

checking my map.... ;-)