Tuesday, October 21, 2008

FSSP 20th Anniversary Rome Celebration...

For more photos see here: http://roma.fssp.it/.


Lefdawg said...

So cool to see some peeps I know! In the second picture from the top our family had the seminarian who is standing next to the priest with the maniple over for dinner(Very funny guy from Australia!). And in the background I see our FSSP pastor, Fr.Fryar. How cool! John, did you get to meet Fr. Fryar by any chance? He was giving a tour at the time.

papabear said...

Ah, I see Dom Oppenheimer.

Anonymous said...

Laudater Iesus Christus!

What a blessed celebration, and wonderful pictures. God bless FSSP and our traditional Brethrens.

Question: Why was the young man wearing a maniple eventhough he was not vested to celebrate Mass?

Thank you

God bless

Frater O. B.

John Paul Sonnen said...


it's not a maniple, but a stole. he looks young, but he's ordained.