Sunday, February 03, 2008

Roman Major Seminary...

Like they always say: "It pays to have connections." Many thanks to my friend, Borna, who kindly invited me to visit the "Pope's Seminary" in Rome!

A lovely property, it's a giant nursery (fosterage) for future Vatican high-flyers called the Pontificio Seminario Romano Maggiore.

Every year, on the last Saturday before Ash Wednesday, the seminary celebrates their big day, the Solennita' di Maria Santissima Madre della Fiducia.

It was a lovely celebration with all the brass from the Vatican (alumni) and others. Mass was sung by His Eminence the Cardinal Vicar of Rome. The processional hymn was Salve, Sancta Parens (Sedulio, sec. X).

The motto of the seminary: Mater Mea, Fiducia Mea!

Be consoled and know that we have holy seminarians to be holy priests for the future...

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Anonymous said...

Great motto. Odd that my seminary seems to have basically adopted the same one (not as a motto per se, but practically). Still, a beautiful prayer.