Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Holy Father: please the tiara!

Beatissime Pater:

Please bring back the tiara (it would be glorious!) and we ask that St. Catherine of Siena might intercede for this intention!

Humbly kissing the sacred slipper...


P.S. I offered a prayer for this intention in the Cathedral of St. Francis in Civitavecchia where this photo was taken


Anonymous said...

I had suggested to some people a while back that we should get a worldwide petition to submit to the holy father perhaps a prayer group worldwide for the return of the tiara. What are your thoughts?


Anonymous said...

I read that there actually has been, (since it had become obvious that Pope Benedict XVI is restoring alot of traditional imagry of Catholicism), a fairly large number of petitions reaching the Vatican for a return of the Papal tiara....or a similar Papal hat I can't remember the name of which is similar to the tiara in shape, but less ornate.
There is an even bigger flood of petitions to restore the Sedia Gestatoria for the Pope to be carried in at Masses and ceremonies at St. Peters...chiefly so He can be simply seen.
I hope both are restored. I don't hold up much hope for either....but it would be a great surprise.

John Paul Sonnen said...

Yes, the problem is the opposition via the Italian press (thus all Italians) to papal pageantry.

This is because this nation has been besieged with Marxist thought for many years now and so the media will always be hailing a pope as we had during the 1960s clash - a quiet, humble and poor stoop.

Marshall, yes, start a blog with a petition, send me a link, and i'll sign it gladly and put a link to it!