Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Today in Rome...

Of course every day in Rome is a blessing, but today was extra nice...

I got out of school early which is always a plus because I most enjoy wandering the streets on weekdays before noon.

Then on the express bus number 40 I was next to a former professor of mine, a Dominican friar from Poland, now the Theologian of the Pontifical Household and it was great to chat.

Then I ended up in the Vatican Museums where after ten years of hoping to get into the so-called carriage museum, I finally got in (as it's only open a few dozen unannounced days each year).

Then, for the second time in my life I got into the famed "room of tears" just off the Sistine Chapel where the newly elected popes go to weep and change into their whites (tried to get a photo, but I had to respect the rules).

The carriage museum is great because you can see several old papal autos of which I really enjoy. I saw the 1930 Mercedes and 1929 Citroen and 1929 Graham Paige (from Detroit!) motor fleet of Pius XI (each donated to him just after the Lateran Treaty)!


Anonymous said...

hi john!

this is lucas viar
yo make me mad with envy!
the last time i was at the vat. museum i alost got squashed.
about the pics... i am greedy, i'd love anything that you can send me!


chi vediamo!!

Unknown said...

I booked a tour with the Governoriato, but how do I get into the Room of Tears????

John Paul Sonnen said...

lucas: grazie dell'messagio. lo faccio io subito! alla prossima!

juan: if you want to get into the room of tears, you have to speak italian and be alone. go to the sistine chapel just before it closes and beg the guys and then there's the element of luck...