Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas in Rome...

We all know about that unanimous and collective action taken by the apostles: "...and they all fled," abandoning our blessed Lord in the garden of Gethsemane.
Then there are these warriors from the Urban College in Rome in the habit of their collegio (which they wear until they are ordained deacons)!
Since the fractious 1960s, with the political ferment of the era, many of the national colleges in Rome did away with their habit while the Urbanianum, to the glory of Mother Church, has maintained this tradition.
Next? Perhaps the Pontifical North American College in Rome will return to their uniform (or perhaps no if it's left to a board of directors)...


Anonymous said...

This has been lamented for years since the 1970s like the indignant sale of the NAC Villa Santa Cat in Castel Gan.

The murky figures on the NAC b of d have been guilty of insalubrious manoeuvres of politics and finance for years (why air conditioning in the Casa?). Needless to say, lay folk would be stupefied if they knew how their donations are spent.

They prefer this Italian system instead of the guys themselves voting on it (imagine that?).

These elder statesmen bishops play like the NAC is a powerful firm on Wall Street which makes no sense to us.

The bulwark of seminarians want a return to the cassock which is a fashionable added flavour that is harmless and actually would bring more donations in which is what they are interested in anyhow.

Pray for the brow furrowed old liberals that their mafiosi Honoured Society might topple in the wake of all its innocent victims.

In conclusion, I can sepak for all who have graduated from the NAC when I relate "You have not duped us."

Anonymous said...

The NAC has returned to the college cassock but only for ceremonies. Don't think the Urbaniana kids wear them to school! Would be nice, though.