Saturday, November 01, 2008

To don the Roman cassock and surplice...

Raiment of glory: "Et tu puer..." (cf. Luke 1:76)!
Upon seeing this photo American ladies would exclaim: "Cuuuute!"
Reminds me of myself and my kid brother when we began to serve twenty years ago (in 1988). It was a downtown nineteenth century parish. My brother at that time was six, same as this kid here.
Never too young to be Christ's page at the altar. Giuseppe Sarto begged to don the cassock and surplice as a young kid. His pastor replied that as soon as he was tall enough to move the missal atop the altar he could serve.
Some things a person has to be taught. Sometimes it takes a dad. Dads, I look to you to bring your boys to the altar. You instruct them. You explain to them the rite of passage. And how you and your father did the same. One reason why I am still a server twenty years later is because my father did this with me.
He would beam with pride. You, too, can watch your sons in the holy of holies where even angels falter.

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