Monday, November 03, 2008

From the Vatican: to meet Stephen Hawking...

A few days ago the news was that Steven Hawking met the Pope. When I saw the photo and read the caption I just offered a quick prayer that I, too, would have the opportunity to meet him.

Then today there was a commotion in the Sistine Chapel. Nobody was allowed to exit and someone was arriving. And who arrived in his electric chair?

With joy I greeted him and was able to embrace him. His hand and shoulder were as jelly. He is unable to move. But his eyes speak. Every human being has the capacity to love and to be loved.

A quick video was shot of him while in the Sistine Chapel so we'll see about uploading it sometime soon. Prayers were offered for his soul. The intercession of the saints of the Acts of the Apostles were invoked: Peter, Paul, Barnabas (Lydia, Timothy, Silas, etc.).

Pray for his conversion. It would be a giant point for the home team. Evidently, God answers every prayer.

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