Sunday, March 02, 2008

Survival: through all manner of calamitous events...

Yesteryear church treasures like this were seen in churches. Today, they are found in antique shops.
I've seen stuff like this in antique shops in Toronto, Cologne, Chicago, Belgium, etc. And what about Quebec or Paris?
The shop here wanted 150 euro dollars for these altar cards on the Via Rasella.


Anonymous said...

I do like your blog and am grateful for it but could you possibly stop using the term 'euro dollar'? It has become rather irritating (to me, at least). I am sure that your american readers realize that other countries use other currencies.

Thanks for everything.

TJB said...

Ive seen many beautiful old religious articles from Churches in antique shops also... I remember specifically a silver altar cross for 150 dollars and an altar card for 75. The funny thing is that it was just the middle altar card, there was no sign of the other two. Of course the store-owner didnt have a clue what it was anyway.