Thursday, March 27, 2008

The family tomb of Pope Pius XII...

The next time you find yourself in Rome be sure to spend an afternoon during riposo (siesta) at the Rome cemetery called the Campo Verano (Line B on the metro to Policlinico stop and then walk there). Afterwards you can visit the Basilica of San Lorenzo next door.
Just inside the main entrance of the cemetery you will find this, the family tomb of the Pacelli clan. During the bombing of the San Lorenzo quarter during WWII the family tomb was even damaged. Ten of them are buried in this vault. May they pray for us.


Anonymous said...

The only trouble is that every time I've tried to visit San Lorenzo, there has been a funeral going on!

Such are the glories/hassles of a living church rather than a museum.

Gratias plurimas pro isto magno 'blog'!

Anonymous said...

Maybe that should be 'hoc' instead of 'isto.' Hmmm. Or maybe 'hocce.' Latin is so wonderful.