Thursday, March 06, 2008

The mighty Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem...

It's a little awkward to tower over the Patriarch of Jerusalem of the Latins. Meet Michael Sabbah, born in Nazareth on 19 March in 1933. He was ordained priest in 1955.

Nazareth is a nice town. Once I stayed there in a Jewish hotel. On Dubai television they had a Stallone film. As the snow fell that night I walked to the home of the Virgin Mary and then to the home of Joseph, just a minute up the road. It was Christmas day.

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A Simple Sinner said...

If you have a photo op with the patriarch again, I say ask him if he won't do a "wacky" picture with you...

He seems like he would be more amenable to something with props rather than being picked up (in my experience bishops don't like to be picked up....)

Maybe both of you wearing a set of those Groucho-Marx glasses with the fake nose, mustache and eyebrows?

Now that would be classic.