Saturday, March 08, 2008

March 8: yellow flowers for la festa delle donne...

Mom and Dad:
Conceived in the year of three popes was I and born on the Feast of Saint Frances of Rome. On Palm Sunday you carried me into the temple for my Holy Baptism and you christened me John Paul after the new smiling Pope.
Your son is now almost thirty: he has new wrinkles on his face, some gray hair, his stomach can't take all foods anymore and he gets tired more quickly. But it was you two who gave me the world: the gift of the promised faith and much more, too. You have enabled me to live in Europe for over four years now. You've been okay with me being absent for six Christmas holidays. You have supported and carried me and all through great faith, hope and charity. For all this I am very grateful.
So thank you!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Once again would like to say how much I enjoy your blog. It's the best on Roman ecclesiastical events and history I've yet to come across! Michael in Christchurch NZ.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday bro. Hope you are having a good b day.


JPSonnen said...

Thanks! It was a two-day celebration: on the day of yellow MIMOSA flowers and then on St. Frances of Rome.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday,JP!