Tuesday, March 25, 2008


As we witness the downturn of the sixties thrust we are now seeing a revival of many things Catholic and here is an example.
Here we see a splendid rendition of the arms of our new German Pope from the hands of our Italo-American friend, MB. Unique in that we see here an early version of the tiara (this is not a mitre).
Some have suggested it would have been more appropriate to have gone back to this version instead of just doing away with the tiara all together in the spirit of the age.


PeterHWright said...

This coat of arms seems to depict not the tiara, nor the mitre, but the camelaucum, which is older than both.

Very appropriate.

Anonymous said...

Ciao, molto carino armi. Mi potrebbe dare un indirizzo di contatto da Maurizio (e-mail)? Grazie! Martin (imgdbb@web.de)