Monday, February 05, 2007

The often simplistic view of Pope Paul...

We have all heard disparaging things said of Pope Paul in the overheated, nearly hysterical atmosphere of the years during and after the cultural revolution, of which the Vatican Council slightly overlapped.

Sometimes I don’t think that he gets an even shake from many, but instead, the usual oversimplification.

Either way, I couldn’t help but have a wicked little smile when I was told the story of how when Paul, in good Leonine tradition, made a speech before the the World Council of Chuches in Geneva, he started with the words, “I am PETER!”


The Perpetual Malcontent said...

where can i find the text of this speech?

Caeremonarius said...

It took some searching, but I found the speech. Check out: (French)

or (Italian)

It wasn't quite as dramatic as the post indicates. The Holy Father didn't start the speech stating, "I am Peter!" For starters, in wonderful fashion, he refers to himself with the pluralis majestatis. In the second paragraph, he states "Our name is Peter," and goes into some detail describing what the Petrine office entails.

Regardless, kudos to Papa Montini for retaining the royal "We."