Monday, February 05, 2007

February 3: St. Blaise Day...

Friday we celebrated Candlemas Day and and on Saturday we had our red vestements for St. Blaise Day.

San Biagio is a nice festa in Rome. For the throat blessing I always go to is visit his Armenian chuch on the Via Giulia in the centro storico.
When you enter this parish on this day you will see a cleric in the rear of the church at a table. You take some bread from the dish, leave some change as a donation and kneel for the blessing. It's a sure must if you're ever in Rome on a February 3.


T. Peregrinus said...

John, you know that cough I had in Europe? Well, it shot my lungs up so bad that it lasted up until St. Blaise's day. After the blessing, the cough pretty much left. I coughed a bit here and there, but not spasmodically, and by the day after, it was gone.

JPSonnen said...

nice testimony, mate! miracles do happen, even in the land down under!