Friday, January 19, 2007

To harange: it's IL DVCE...

The haughty DVX had his office here behind these middle windows in the Palazzo Venezia after he moved from Palazzo Chigi in the early '30s.

His noisy, ranting speeches were heard from this balcony in the '30s and '40s. Ever see the old black and white news reels of his haranguing here (you can buy them on DVD in the Vittoriano)? The Duce was the interlocutor between the king who did nothing and the people (capo dello stato).

I once heard an expat call Benny “il cuckoo spit." The days of his diatribe rhetoric are over, but if you still want to enter and see the old la sala del mappamondo, sometimes there are traveling art exhibits shown there.

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J H Wallis said...

Hiya! I think what you have shown is very interesting. I read one of the articles and I have to say that I completely agree! Thank you