Thursday, January 04, 2007

Buzz from Rome: the indult...

Under the starry Roman sky I have some good news for everyone: the indult is here!

This is Dario Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos (born in 1929 and ordained in 1952) walking into the Vatican Basilica on New Years Eve. When asked about the indult what was his reply? "Subito."

Sonorous and majestic: it's the Tridentine Rite! Why the Tridentine Rite? The reply is simple: "Because it is our patrimony."

“…and we cannot understand the secluar history of modern Europe, unless we understand something of that long thousand-year process of change and growth which we name the Middle Ages. Those thousand years saw the making of Europe and the birth and rebirth of Western culture; they also witnessed the creation of that socio-religious unity that we call Christendom, and the gradual penetration of our culture by Christian beliefs and Christian moral ad intellectual standards. They have left an indelible imprint on both our social and religious life. They have helped to make us what we are, whether for good or for evil, and even those who know and care nothing about mediaeval religion and culture, are themselves the unconscious heirs of mediaeval traditions."

Christopher Dawson: Mediaeval Religion and Other Essays, 1934


ioannes said...

Let us pray that this happens soon. Very soon. Cardinal Castrillón Hoyos has worked very hard for this, and we need to show him our gratitude. He has also made many enemies because of this.

Antonius said...

As much as I hope for a subito change for the better in regards to the liturgy, I must ask: is it responsible acting to put the rumour wheel in more fervent spin?
The good Cardinal has been known to be just a bit too optimistic before, and if it were only up to him, the restoration of the liturgy would likely already be a fact.


Oh please let it be true!

Eric said...

Thank you for the news and let's hope...I have spread your post on my blog ( in French ).
Happy new year !