Thursday, January 04, 2007

Ad finem fidelis: faithful to the end...

This faithful priest, a man of outstanding merit, born in 1967 and ordained in 1992, passed away peacefully on January 2, 2007.

His name is Abbé Franck-Marie Quoëx. A Requiem Mass will be offered in Rome for his soul this coming week (date yet to be announced). All are welcome.

When I think of Fr. Quoëx, I think of an authentic liturgist who knew and loved the Roman Rite. When I think of the others in the same field, these Latin words come to my mind: caetera desunt (the rest are lacking).

Fr. Quoëx was at the vanguard/forefront of his field of study. He left many of us with the endowment of his knowledge and zeal for our liturgical patrimony. Be it unsaid that he was the greatest living liturgist of our era. May he rest in peace. Bene decessit.


Anonymous said...

May he rest in peace indeed - I remember him well from my student days in Rome. I'll be in the Eternal City next week so do publish details of any forthcoming Requiem. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

This is one of the most beautiful pictures of Don Franco! Grazie mille!

FYI, there will be four Requiem Masses offered for his soul: in Fribourg (tomorrow at 10 am, St. Michel Church), Geneva (?), Lausanne (?) and Rome (?).

By the way, what’s the dressing code for a Requiem Mass on the Epiphany?

Of one thing I am convinced, Providence never fails!

Castor said...

I took the photo in his room at Gricigliano, in 1993. Another of his friends has described the photo as "capturing the entire mystique of the persona of Quecx."

Anonymous said...

Providentia Dei. We mourn at his bier. He was an imitator of the saints.

JPSonnen said...

I can still remember the first time I saw Fr. Quoex. I was at the Gesu e Maria for Sunday Mass in December of 1998. The church was cold that morning and he prepared the altar still wearing his greca and then read the Mass wearing an alb with red prelatial cuffs. I was so inspired by his reverence and so impressed that he looked like a 1930s Italian priest! Reqviem!

Anonymous said...

Requiem Mass

Wednesday 10-Jan-07 at 19h45 Notre-Dame du Lys (Paris)

Nunc dimittis servum tuum Domine secundum
verbum tuum in Pace

Of one thing I am convinced, Providence never fails!