Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The 1960s couple: with the chosen son...

The Christian family is a well ordered battle-array for the Church! Our livable faith is such that we are each a member of the living whole by which and for which we live. Our passion is for catholicity and our joy is for ardent faith (the faith of our fathers).

I was raised in this era of ambivalent "casual" Catholics. It seems that everybody you speak to about Catholicism these days just has a merely sociological understanding of the Church's structure, which canot be.

It was my parents that taught me that the Church is Jesus Christ (cf. Pauline epistles). It was my parents who taught me to not accept the tired, resigned and stubbornly defiant particularization of today’s “theological pluralism” (doomed as it is). It was my parents who taught me the unity of the Catholica and the glory of the mysterium (family motto: Cooperatores Veritatis).


Anonymous said...

God bless your evangelist parents, JP.

Anonymous said...

Thanks be to God
Keep the Faith