Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Vatican Council II today...

With emotion did I watch one of the very last living Council Fathers atop the cobbles of Rome. I thanked the Lord of History for the moment and then thought of this line from 2004:
"Unfortunately very few of the bishops and cardinals who took part in the Second Vatican Council are still alive. It was a most wonderful ecclesial event, and I thank God that I was able to participate in it from the first day to the last."
-Rise, Let Us Be On Our Way by Pope John Paul II


Anonymous said...

No offense, bbut considering the disasterous results of Vatican II in almost every aspect of Catholic life (especially the destruction of the Holy Mass), of religious life, of seminaries, of Mass attendance and the Sacraments, of all the dissent, of the lack of strong guidance from Popes to put an end to the caos....I would not consider Vatican II such a blessing, nor something so wonderful from God as to consider it a priveledge to having participated in it.(As John Paul II apparently considered it).
Here in my area (Philadelphia, Pa.) our huge seminary has barely 100 seminarians (down from 600 before Vatican II). Nearly all 260 parish schools have no nuns left teaching, and the 4 major Orders of nuns who had Motherhouses in the Archdiocese are all liberal femminist communities which have lost THOUSANDS of members since the reforms of Vatican II and have no vocations. Mass attendance in the Archdiocese is about 25% (85% before the Council). In countries like France, Austria, Netherlands, G. Britian, Switzerland...Mass attendance since the Council is down to maybe as low as 5% in G. Britian, and 2% in France. This is all due to the "reforms" of Vatican II, and the Novus Ordo.
As much as I love your website, and the photos of traditional Catholcism (which you don't really get in many other sites at all)....think before praising Vatican II. Because whether it was Vatican II's intention or not, the Catholic Church has been nearly destroyed by the radical "reforms" and various intrepretations. Therefore, it's not something to praise. Aside from traditional Catholics looking at you as if you were crazy...considering the results of the Council, it's just not something to praise or be proud of at all.

Anonymous said...

Truth begats hatred.