Sunday, January 20, 2008

Rally in St. Peter's Square for Pope...

Patriis virtutibus (by ancestral virtues)!
Great to see the next generation of Italians as warriors for Mother Church and at the service of the Popes.
Uniti al Papa (United to the Pope)
A Difesa Della Civilta' (To the Defence of Civilization)


Dr. Peter H. Wright said...

Many thanks to JP for these photos.

News of the rally in support of Pope Benedict has spread quickly across the Catholic blogs.

This is the slogan with which I was most taken : Uniti al Papa :
A Difesa della Civilta !

You wouldn't have seen such a sentiment expressed in the days of Pius IX and the risorgimento !

The urbane and civilised Pope Benedict is having the most extraordinary effect on people.

I rather think the secularists misjudged public opinion.
Very brutta figura.

Laudetur Jesus Christus.

Viva il Papa !

John Paul Sonnen said...

As a friend just shared: "The year 1968 has lasted longer in Italy than in any other country of the world."

What we just witnessed these past days is the ultimate defeat of that year in Italy in that they tried to do it (the bull) again and couldn't get away with it.