Saturday, January 19, 2008

How to keep your kids Catholic...

My family is still Catholic thanks in large part to our involvement in the pro-life movement.
With my father's nod my courageous mother had us kids in front of the abortion mill since we were infants. Prayer and fasting was the order of the day - and it was humiliating for us kids. On our knees we made penance.
We were spit on, screamed at, rejected, teased, scorned, derided, ridiculed, jeered at, cursed, mocked and laughed at. The same thing happened to Christ on His way to Calvary and we knew it. Who did this to us? Pedestrians, police, schoolmates, Protestants within the movement, etc.
Worried your kids will have no interest in Church and fade away in high school? Let them experience a little persecution. Let them suffer for thier catholicity, before it's too late.
The Church is strongest when She is on the cross.

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