Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Consecrated Virgins: the Spouse of Christ...

"Especially you, consecrated virgins, in a world where egoism and the search for pleasure would become law, be the guardians of purity, unselfishness, and piety. Jesus, who has given to conjugal love all its plentitudes, has also exalted the renouncement of human love when this is for the sake of divine love and for the service of all."
-Closing Messages of the Council, 1965.


ciao said...

ciao ho visto il tuo blog, davvero interessante.
ti invito a visitare il sito che ho dedicato alla MADONNA DEL POZZO che si venera nella Reale Basilica di Capurso (Ba).
un fraterno saluto

frank pater said...

the picture is in bad taste you are not the pope you are not the fourth person

Anonymous said...

i bet they dont just wear their habit in st peters square

Anonymous said...

The picture isn't in bad taste!! It shows a real nun.

Not the aged, bitter, dissenting whining femminist habitless nuns we have in the USA.

And much of Europe.

I hope this Order has many vocations!!