Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Febbre suina: the great swine flu...

I guess we're all in the lurch with the swine flu hype?

Today I saw three persons in Rome wearing masks. Then some foreigner sneezed on my lap while on the 40 express.

If it gets yours truly kindly remember me in your prayers. Meanwhile, I will remember you in mine.

And consider me in your last will and testament as I'm thinking as I have to pay over 100k in student loans back. Thanks!


W.C. Hoag said...

You'll pay back the loans.

I had close to $100K in student loans for theology and church history and now I have just under $40K left.

St. Joseph will provide!

qualcosa di bello said...

you know you are always in our prayers!!!

Father Jay Toborowsky said...

Speaking of sneezing...

I once had a worker at a gelateria sneeze into the coppa di gelato he had just scooped for me.

Want to know a worse part? He then handed it to me as if nothing was wrong.

Want to know the worst part? I think I ate it.