Friday, April 24, 2009

The Easter Vigil fire: how it is done...

G-r-r-r, in the good old days they used real flint and steel to light it!

In Rome they often use pinecones and twigs and today just light it with a match.

But notice here how the old holy oils from the previous year are being reverently disposed of in this worthy manner? The oil stocks were cleaned out with paper towels and this is how it's done as seen in the Holy City.


sekman said...

Actually flint and steel is old school and all but the easiest and most practical is rubbing alcohol and table salt.

Unknown said...

A cigarette lighter is a flint. It is the only thing I have ever seen used because it is a flint.

Matches would violate the rubrics.

Iacobus said...

As it was in the paschal fire which I built...100% natural charcoal, resin sticks, and Sacred-Chrism-soaked paper towels. The natural charcoal made perfect kindling to place in the thurible for the first plumes of incense kindled on that most Holy of Nights as the Sacred Flame was solemnly carried into the church.

Kuroyanagi Ryou said...

No, that is not mentioned, as what is important is a large fire be built outside the Church.

(That is Novus Ordo to you and me, abuses)

Unfortunately, paper towels are not for holy oils, that leaves us to the purificator....... or use an extra one, and squeeze out the excess to the lamp, and launder it in the sacrarium. That is how we do it here in Philippines.