Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Fr. Reggie Foster: the update...

Tonight was a fabulous dinner party in Trastevere and you just never know who you might meet while in the Holy City.

Yours truly found himself in good company while enjoying drinks and fine conversation with friends and doctors from Fattebenefratelli. Before long the conversation turned to Latin and the world's greatest living latinist, Fr. Reggie Foster (a.k.a. Regg-Dogg Knight as the wrap song goes)!

Then came the surprising moment when the one doctor exclaimed that he is Fr. Reggie Foster's M.D. from the I.C.U. on Tiber Island and that he's an atheist and that he belives that Fr. Reggie's life having been saved was miraculous, all things considered.

Then it turned out that the doctor and I had met before, last January, and so I invited him to the Rome FSSP Triduum celebrations and he said that he will gladly come.

And the Reggie update?

He said that Reggie is a miracle case, that he's doing much better and that soon they will decide if he will be moved to a temporary rest home to continue his long road to recovery. He also said that Reggie is being served beer in the hospital.

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