Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Catholic culture: the Gentlemen of His Holiness...

We call him "The Christmas Tree." Meet the only American member of the "Gentiluomini di Sua Santità" (http://www.papalhonorees.org/intro.htm). He's a nice guy and pleasant to chat with. I asked him if it took "connections" to get all those amazing decorations and he answered with a spirit of chagrin: "Well, yes!"


chevalier de malte said...
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Fr. Selvester said...

I believe Virgil Dechant, the former Supreme Knight of the Knights of Columbus is also a Gentleman of HH. In fact, he was serving in that capacity at the funeral of Pope John Paul II and escorted the President of the United States to his seat.

DJ said...

Wow! Another amazing post JP!

I did not know that a single person could be a member of different Orders in one time!

Correct me if Im wrong but I could distinguish the following Orders:

1.Order of St. Gregory the Great
(Knight Grand Cross.. it seems)

2.Sovereign Military Order of Malta
(Honor and Devotion by the Look of the Collar Medal)

3.Sacred Military Constantinian Order of Saint George

4.Royal Order of Saint Maurice and Lazarus

5.Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem

As of the 6th and 7th Order, I'd like to know what they are. Also of what rank The Gentleman holds in the 3rd and 4th Order, respectively.

This is very interesting...

Anonymous said...

Any chance adding my link?

Steven said...

Virgil Dechant is a Genleman of His HOliness and there is one in the Archdioces of Los Angeles - I methim in ST Louis awhile back at Cadinal Carberry's feneral

Unknown said...

Hi There;

My name is Captain Stephen Chledowski, Knight of Magistral Grace, SMOM Canadian Association. In regards to your question on what are the last two miniture medals, I can't tell what the second last one is, but the last one is the SMOM Order of Merit.

This Gentalman is also wearing a breast star of SMOM indicating Knight of Obediance, Honour and Devotion from his Collar.
Capt Chledowski

Unknown said...

Good Morning from Washington DC!

Let me begin by saying I love this blog!! I'm a convert of 8 years and love any celebrations by Catholics of Catholic culture. I have been following this blog for a year or two.

Regarding the second to last decoration, it is Order of Academic Palms (Les Ordre des Palmes Academiques), a French order of merit connected to education.

Keep it up,


Julius D. Jackson,
Corporate Etiquette and International Protocol Consultant