Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Catholic culture: first blessing and kissing of the palms...

After the recessional the ordinandi give their first blessing to friends, family and all the faithful. But just before the blessing the sacred palms are kissed as they have been anointed by the bishop (and the Church has attached an indulgence to this custom). After the blessing everyone is handed an ordination card (a commemorative holy card) in souvenir of the celebration.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos!

Just a minor quibble: after a man is ordained, he is no longer an "ordinandus" - lit., "one-to-be-ordained." He is then "ordinatus" or "modo ordinatus" - "ordained" or "newly ordained."

In charity I'll assume you already knew this and just made a simple typo. :-)


New York City

Fr. Selvester said...

Why aren't any of then wearing their hoods covered by the amice (which makes it look like you're wearing an alb with a hood) the way Franciscans are supposed to? There really is no such thing as a hooded alb. Rather, Religious whose habits had hoods retained their hoods and covered them with the amice. Why haven't these Franciscan priests done so?