Saturday, January 31, 2009

Union of prayers from the tomb of Padre Pio...

Be assured that today you were prayed for in front of the holy remains of this saint: the twentieth century stigmatist, Padre Pio. All readers of this blog were prayed for as well as all readers of all Catholic blogs and all Catholic bloggers (journalists).


Anonymous said...

Please Pray to Padre Pio for all theologians and Pontifical Universities.

John Paul Sonnen said...

The visible face is in fact a wax mask. However, his body was discovered incorrupt, as per the testimony of the friars who were there (they even sell a DVD of the exhumation).

When the coffin was opened in March of 2008 it was full of moisture. The flesh had dried and turned hard, had withered and was black in color.

The fingers you see are the true fingers (the fingernails remain white).

tomt said...

Thnak you for your prayers! At Holy Mass I will remember you, John.

In Christ,

Anonymous said...

My sincerest thanks. May God reward you for your charity towards us.

Anonymous said...

7 days into a novena to Padre Pio 7 days after his canonization he spoke to me in my mind,
"It is time to go home"
and I went.
He is a good spiritual Father.
much love Mom

Anonymous said...

There was a time in the Church that fairly quickly, after the death and Caonoization of a great saint like Padre Pio, very often a little Order or congregation of nuns (and less frequently a congregation of priests or brothers), was founded using the life and holy reputation of the new Saint as a model. This was common particularly in Europe.
I have not heard of and traditional little congregations being founded around the vast spiritual legacy and heritage of St. Pio of Petralcina....maybe a new Franciscan congregation or two dedicated to Catholic Truth and tradition, as was St. Pio.

It's little known, but there are at least 3 other orders of nuns in India that have been founded within the last 25 years living an following the teachings and example of Mother Teresa of Calcutta. All also wear some form of the Missionaries of Charity habit.
Let's hope some Orders and congregations start to be founded on the legacy and holy example of St. Pio of Pietralcina.

Anonymous said...

Padre Pio leads us through the valley of darkness into the safe haven of his heart.

Anonymous said...

Padre pray for me