Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Holy relics of Pius XII donated in 2002...

Holy relics of a saint as seen at Rome's Capranica College.


Gregor said...

Wonderful! (Although it's of course a bit strange having the stole thus displayed over the tabarro, but oh well...)

By the way, I went to the opening of the Pius XII exhibition you saw at the Vatican here in Berlin. I'll write you about it if you're interested.



Anonymous said...

Awesome tribute to a true Pope and a real Saint.

Regardless of certain outsiders who are always causing trouble for the Catholic Church, I hope Pope Benedict XVI has the courage and foresight to elevate his illustrious predecessor first to the status of "Venerable Pius XII" this year, and shortly thereafter, bestow personally at St. Peter's Basilica the title of "Blessed Pius XII".
Despite lies and slanders from a certain group, Pius XII was regarded as a saint even in his lifetime...and certainly after his death.