Monday, January 12, 2009

Lloyd George on why Latin in the rites...

Listen to what a modern statesman has to say on this subject of using a dead tongue for the language of worship.

"There is no Church," says Lloyd George, "that has made a surer and deeper search into human nature. Roman Catholics conduct their worship in the language of worship. Their Church utilizes every means of taking people beyond everyday interests; the language of commerce and of everyday occupation is left outside, and the people are taught the language of worship. That shows a shrewd, deep insight into the human mind."

- The Mass by Fr. Joseph Dunney, p. 38.

This is a fine textbook for all Catholic youth. The above quote is just a taste and get your copy here:


Anonymous said...

"The Mass" by Fr. Dunney is wonderful. I happened to see it on the Angelus website and figured that if the SSPX promotes it, it ought to be good. And it is! Beautifully written and supremely instructive. I think it was written in the late-1920's (?) for high-school aged instruction but in our day's overall state of ignorance about the Faith and the immemorial Mass, this book is perfect for adult Catholics. I will go back to it again and again. Fr. Dunney also wrote a profound book of meditations called "Mind the Mass". I recommend both of these! God bless you!

Anonymous said...

"if the SSPX promotes it, it ought to be good"

um, yes, what schismatics promote ought to be good, um, right

yes, if that is how you - and liberals - want to cut the pie

Anonymous said...

Come on anonymous2, anonymous1 clearly has a point - if you look at what Angelus Press puts out (especially the stuff it reprints) you'll find that it's good, solid, and Catholic. Just have a peek over there.

Wish the same could be said for many mainstream 'Catholic' publishing houses. Wish too that the same could be said for the pulp the Bishops have been churning out and forcing Catholic children to swallow, at church-goers expense, for the last 30years.