Tuesday, January 20, 2009

8 years ago today...

It was eight years ago today.

Just after dawn my friend Dan (now ordained) let me out of the car near Georgetown and left for the airport.

I walked over to the White House and saw the moving vans, which made me giggle with excitement: "Eight years of Slick Willy have ended," was my only thought.

In the freezing rain I watched the inauguration and parade with a proud smile as I had voted for G.W. with my pro-life vote.

But during the parade groups of masked crazed left-wing youth made attempts to charge the police lines and break through. This was especially difficult on families with young children who were trying to keep warm and enjoy the moment. The police were overwhelmed.

In front of F.B.I. headquarters - I watched with my own eyes - as these crazed youth with masks covering their faces hoisted down the American flag and hoisted it back up upside down.

As we watched silently from across the street a man in front of me shouted: "Go back to Russia you Reds!" Police and securty were too busy on the parade route to stop these dogs. Today, eight years later, these dogs rejoice.


Anonymous said...

Nothing new today. Anarchists r always on the left.

Anonymous said...

Made me sad, too. I couldn't bear to watch the inauguration or hear the speech

Anonymous said...

Commentators at the recent inauguration noted how the transition was so smooth and that there was no protest or disruption of any kind.
Four years ago Bush's motorcade was pelted with eggs by leftists, and other events, like you mentioned with the flag. Eight years ago the vacating staff vandalized computers in DC.
Im glad to see that the now vacating right shows more class under the same circumstances.

Anonymous said...

RSWK rich suburban white kids trashing DC at every Bush event.