Tuesday, January 06, 2009

A word about hats in church...

Yesterday, in two seperate countries, I counted almost a dozen seperate men wearing their winter hats in different churches.

When a man uncovers his head in the presence of the God Who will judge him, this gesture of humility is just what he needs.

When a woman covers her head in the presence of the God Who will judge her, this gesture of humility is just what she needs.

Men are men and women are women and this doesn't change with the ages and it didn't change with the sixties either.

God knows the human condition and that is why the Church so gave the world this "custom" of men uncovering their heads in church and women covering their hair in church.

And not to boast, but yesterday was the xth anniversary of the first time I had the honor to meet a pope. On the eve of the Solemnity of the Epiphany in the year of grace 1999, yours truly had the honor to reverence the ring of Peter for the first time (and in that instant I wept bitterly and for the whole day afterwards). Grace, peace, mercy. May the Lord of History be praised. Amen.


El Averiguador said...

A well-mannered gentleman always uncovers his head when in an enclosed place or being under ceiling. Also when greeting somebody, before a lady or when seeing a funeral cort├Ęge or a dead person. A fortiori, a Catholic must uncover his head when inside a church or other sacred places (like cemeteries) and before processions. Even if non-catholic, a gentleman being inside a Catholic church uncovers his head as a sign of good education and respect for the place and its rules. Very pertinent and appropriate post, John! Regards.

Anonymous said...

I also agree, but it is winter, and since you are writting from Italy and I have read your blog and find it very cool. I will like to add, please do not be so quick to judge. The beautiful churches there are 100 percent not heated, it is very cold up north, and we do not know the state of health of these two men. So as a means of charity I would choose to think that there was no ill manner meant to the place or they simply could have forgotten. Charity before all!
Keep up the good writting and may God bless..Pax! Carmine

Smiley said...

ah kind sir but the modern woman cannot even be told to not wear pants to church. one can keep the head unconvered but still cover the ears to keep warm. and mind you kind sir that it was cold in the 12th 13th and 18th century too but they still followed protocol plus they did not have central forced heating.