Saturday, January 10, 2009

Solemnity of the Epiphany in Milan: Ambrosian rite...

After sung Mass in the Ambrosian rite, while the snow was falling, the Cardinal Archbishop of the famed See of Milan blessed the façade of the Milan Duomo (Cathedral).
For five years, between 2003 - 2008, at the cost of some twenty million Euro, the façade of the cathedral was restored. The blessing was to celebrate the recent completion of the exterior restoration. It was an honor to have been there.
N.B. Big fashion misstep here, though. Albeit it's the fashion capital of the world, this Milan prelate seems to have missed the boat in this regard. Minor seminary rule number one: the chasuble is to always match the dalmatic/tunicle of the deacons and if the dalmatic/tunicle of the deacons is Ambrosian in style, then so is to be the chasuble of the celebrant. And why is he not wearing a cope anyways?

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Anonymous said...

Is it a practice of the Ambrosian Rite to wear the pectoral cross over the pallium?