Saturday, January 10, 2009

Don Lorenzo Perosi: legend of old...

Nice portrait from 1939: a pity it's now a lost art for the most part.
From the Internet get some Lorenzo Perosi mottetti music and play in loud.
Back in the good old days he was the director of the Coro della Cappella Sistina (Choir of the Sistine Chapel).
Yours truly used to weep when they used to sing his Tu Es Petrus in the presence of Lolek the Great.

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Leonardo Ciampa said...

It is true that Perosi's mottetti are shiny gems. However, his larger oratorios such as Transitus Animae, Giudizio Universale, and other large-scale works are nothing short of miraculous -- life-changing, even. Of his Masses, suffice it to say that his two Pontifical Masses and several others rank among the greatest Masses (in terms of text, music, expression, etc.) that have ever been composed.