Friday, January 02, 2009

Crosiers as seen in the Vatican City State...

Christmas morning at the Vrbi et Orbi blessing.


Anonymous said...

Talk about a step up from the former residents of Nebraska!

Anonymous said...

This Order used to be fairly strong in the USA, in the MidWest particularly. Before Vatican II of course!!!!!

Now, it's practically gone from the USA. Down to less than 70 (from about 300 before Vatican II in the USA).
Beautiful habit. Very unique.
Glad to see it worn with pride.

As a resident of Rome, do you think the days of the "tab-clerical collar" and black shirt priests, and the layclothes monks and friars might be giving way back to proper religious habits and cassocks...even alittle?

Anonymous said...

The Crosiers in Rome...!
This order is very strong here in Indonesia. The serve us in the diocese of Bandung, Medan, Jakarta, Sibolga and Asmat!

Glad to see them wear it with pride...
Btw, They will celebrate their 800 years "birthday" in 2010!

I hope you'll meet me in rome,
with the same habit...hehehehehe!