Monday, September 04, 2006

She speaks Latin...!

We teach this little critter some of our common Catholic language - Latin - all the time! When she wants to give a shout to the Lord, she says: Laus Deo (Praise God)! When she meets the enemies of the Church, she exclaims: Papa sit Rex Romae (the Pope shalt be the King of Rome)!

She's learning some Aramaic, too, the language that Christ spoke while on earth (thanks to our local Lebanese Maronite parish!). Old Slavonic and Hebrew are in the works along with some classical Greek, too!


Fred Fornello said...
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Anonymous said...

The post you removed must have been staggerly moronic! I don't speak any of the languages you mentioned, but know a sweetie when I see one! This kid is CUTE, and intellegent, and blessed to have awesome loved ones who teach her wonderful things!

Anonymous said...

Ug! Sorry about that knee-jerk reaction . . . I couldn't imagine a post being removed unless the blog-OWNER found it objectionable. I see now that the AUTHOR of the post removed it. Since I have no idea how to remove a comment, please consider this my apology (as in "I'm sorry," not "allow me to explain").

Of course, the precious little one in the photo is still cute . . . and apparently smarter than I am.