Thursday, September 28, 2006

My complacency for beauty...

So many Catholic youth of today have not been acclimatised to the Latin Rite as the Church would have them be. They have been left to arrive at truth by induction. Thus, the perplexity and gloom of our sometimes lost Christian youth.

The subconscious seeks God and knows to find Him in a church, in His temple. One can be in the church rostrum, belfry or graveyard and know that truly this is His house.

After hearing such a Mass as this sung in Rome, a High Mass in the Dominican Rite with schola, one comes out of the church after Mass with a kind of comfortable and satisfied feeling that something has just been done that needed to be done. Then, while still on the steps, one hears the clash and peal of the churchbells and reflects that truly this is the hic Domus Dei et Porta Coeli!

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Anonymous said...

hmm... if that the Dominican Rite at the Intriot... shouldn't the acolytes be standing on the bottom step behind the priest... and the following him to the middle for the gloria?!

Maybe they are Tridentine trained and haven't studied Boniwell!