Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Holy Russia: Cathedralis Sanctissimae Deiparae...

Acts 1.8: "Even to the very ends of the earth."
This is the old Latin rite Cathedral of the Most Holy Godbearer, located in Vladivostok, Russia. Not so long ago one third of the area of the earth was under the blow of the hammer and the cut of the sickle. Times have changed. By a miracle, this church survived the Revolution.
Seventeen years ago two American priests arrived to serve this parish and they remain there to this day. The only difference between them and so many other missioners is that they went and stayed, while so many others went and then left.
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Paul said...

A Notre Dame architecture grad, one of the guys who blogs over at Holy Whapping, did some of the design work for the interior of that church's renovation.