Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Bad manners and good manners...

Traditionalist Catholics, like children or mental patients, are often rather perspicacious in their judgments of others (and this is not always a bad thing!).

However, it is not okay to trash talk the or a Pope. It is in poor taste and bad judgment to bash popes, living or deceased. If this is your problem then get smart and change. If you can't, then pray for the grace. Bitch all you want, but not about the popes.

As Job told one of his counselors: "If you and I were to change places, I could talk like you" (Job 16:4).


Anonymous said...

The burden of command.

Anonymous said...

I agree 100%, no one likes a nasty mean traditionalist. I hear so many people say bad things about Paul VI. Heaven forbid we forget about Borgia or Medici popes, compared to whom the man was a saint!

The pope is the pope and his office as such is to be respected and obeyed, now that is truly traditional!!!

Cathy_of_Alex said...

I agree. We owe any Holy Father the respect of his office-furthermore, the respect due to the Holy Ghost who inspired the election.

El said...

Are you addressing yourself to your friend Hilary per chance? ;-)

El said...

Are you addressing yourself to your friend Hilary per chance?

conte rezzoni said...

"Heaven forbid we forget about Borgia or Medici popes"

After several historical studies there is today for those extensively dealing with papal history absolutely no need to follow the "legende noire"!

Concerning Pope Alexander VI read this new and well documented work which prove doubters wrong:

Pingiotti, Lorenzo. La Leggenda Nera di Papa Borgia.2009

Anonymous said...

Is it in Englih? If not its no good to me!

Terry Nelson said...

Good for you John - excellent!

Geoffrey said...

Well said!

Clinton said...

A friend once remarked to me that while few
people seem to have the fortitude to follow
through on a vocation to the religious life,
everyone and their brother seems to have a
vocation to the papacy.

When you stop to think about it, we've been
extraordinarily blessed with our Popes of the
last century or so -- St. Pius X, Benedict XV,
Pius XII, Bl. John XXIII, John Paul II, to name
a few. And of course, our Benedict XVI,
happily reigning!