Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Thanks for the donations...

Laymen often complian: "Duplicitous theologians are a dime a dozen."

These same theologians, some say, have set the Church at risk of subjugation by outside forces. And this retrogression will only stop with a new generation of theologians who are team players (who have an important acumen: loyaly to the Apostolic See).

Loyalty is big. Maybe not so much in Church anymore, but it still is in the corporate setting where profits count.

Yours truly dreams of being a theologian. Thanks to the largesse of many readers the bills get paid during this time of la crisi (economic crisis). Grandpa always spoke of the crash of '29 and now it's '09.

1,540 euro must be paid in the next several days for tuition for this academic year. Don't know where this big bunch of cash is going to appear from, but the whole fear has already been placed in the hands of holy Providence.

Thanks to the one moved by the Spirit!

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Anonymous said...

Pray you get a financier. God bless U.S. students in Rome (rent GOUGING by Italians hurts dirt-poor student tenants). Be strong.

Raphaela said...

Paypal button, John, Paypal button...