Sunday, March 15, 2009

Pontifical Urban College: Catholic India...


Anonymous said...

It's wonderful to see at least 1 Pontifical Seminary in Rome has kept it's traditional cassocks.

Now if only the old German College could be pressured to restore the scarlet cassocks their seminarians used to wear, and the NOrth American College their own distincting garb, it would be great.

One good thing few people might know about Archbishop Timothy Dolan, the new Archbishop of N.Y.
When he was Rector of the North American College, though it is true he wasn't much of a traditionalist-he still was against seminarians slumming around in polo shirts and jeans in house. Though he didn't bring back the distinctive North American College cassock, he wasn't in favor of layclothes either-which had been commonplace for 20 years before his term.

Smiley said...

im soo happy to see soo many indians :)